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About us

Hi! My name is Los, and I am the owner of Carlitos Way Lawn 'N Landscape, a local lawn maintenance and landscaping company founded in Greeley, Colorado.


You know the pain of an under-performing lawn— you might even be dealing with one right now. You spent a lot of time, and maybe even a lot of money on it. So why isn’t it growing?


Been there. Fixed that.


Let me help you create and maintain the lawn (or landscape) of your dreams.


Carlitos Way serves various neighborhoods in Greeley and the surrounding cities of Loveland, Johnston, Windsor, Fort Collins and Timnath. I have a large number of happy clients in these service areas and would love to have you on board!

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Who We Are NOT A Good Fit For

I am thrilled you are considering us to take care of your property! We love working with residential homeowners who are passionate about their lawns!

That being said, Carlitos Way may not be the right company for you if:

Your Only Concern is the Lowest Price.

I strive to make a financially-sustainable business that can serve our clients far into the future. Though Carlitos Way isn’t the lowest price in town, we certainly are not the most expensive and I am constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency within the company in order to give our clients the best price possible and respect your budget.

Have a Large-Scale Lawn or Projects.

To give you the best price and quality service, I only consider lawn maintenance and landscaping jobs on residential properties NOT exceeding half an acre in total size.

Environmental Stewardship is not a concern.

I am committed to Green. This means Carlitos Way only uses environmentally friendly products that give you a gorgeous lawn without pouring toxic chemicals on it so your family and pets can enjoy the lawn as much as you do!

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